Where to look for a job in Australia?

Where to look for a job in Australia?

Where to look for a job in Australia?
Rosmit Gyawali
Where to look for a job in Australia?, Study in Australia, Australia

Job hunting for international students is particularly challenging since the country's people and culture are entirely new to foreign students. It is always advised to conduct ample research before making decisions regarding job applications.

 Luckily, finding employment in Australia is pretty convenient compared to other countries, primarily because of the quality of services the country provides in terms of job prospects.

There are ample facilities where students can search for jobs, from the hospitality and service industry to professional employment. The list below provides a detailed description of all possible ways to find employment in Australia.

1. Employment sites such as Seek, Indeed, Jora Local, CareerOne

Sites such as Seek, Indeed and Jora Local have proved to be the most effective sites to find employment as the books pay for all jobs advertised and are the most legitimate sites for job hunting. 

The process of finding a job through these websites is pretty simple. You need to create an account on these sites, enter all required information and upload a copy of your most recent CV and cover letter to your account.

Please note that the cover letter must be modified per the job advertisement requirement, whereas the same CV could be used for multiple jobs. These sites advertise jobs from all different areas, such as hospitality, service, medical, engineering, IT, business and other professional and trade-related occupations.

Employers will then view your application on the job advertisement you have applied for and, if interested, will invite you for the second round of the application process. If invited, you would expect a phone call, email or a response to your application on the advertised website.

It is essential to keep your CV updated regularly and apply to those vacancies that cater to your CV to increase your chances of selection.

 2. Direct application to the company via Company Website

Most companies also advertise their job vacancies on their website – when you search for a company’s website, in most cases, a “Careers or Jobs” page is available for potential applicants to express their interest in advertised roles directly. Alternatively, jobs might be advertised in “Human Resources” or “About Us”. In this case, too, it is essential to match your cover letter with the desired position students are willing to apply for.

You will most likely be competing with a smaller pool of applicants, which would decrease higher competition for the job. You need to research the company before applying for the job, which will be reflected in your cover letter.

You could also check the company’s LinkedIn page for more information since many companies advertise numerous positions on LinkedIn too.

 3. Drop off your resume in person

Directly providing your resume unannounced is another way to approach companies for employment. This is advisable primarily in the hospitality industry in Australia. The probability of landing a job if you drop off your resume directly to the company depends on the possibility of job vacancy, employer and also on whether the applicant is a correct match for the company. Drop off your resume politely since it would make a difference to the employer. You must first identify the hiring authority to ensure that your resume lands in the right hands.

 4. Recruitment agencies

Recruitment companies act as a bridge between the applicant and the employer. They match your skills with job vacancies available within their employers. 

Australia's most common recruitment companies are Hays, Robert Half, Randstad, Michael Page, Adecco, etc. Once recruiters can find a suitable job for you, they will contact the applicant after successfully uploading their resumes on the recruitment company’s website. 

They might provide practice interview sessions to prepare you for the job thoroughly.

 5. Networking or Word of mouth

In the modern world, networking is vital to career enhancement and development. According to review42.com, 85% of job positions are filled through networking platforms. 

Websites like Meetup.com allow individuals to meet new people and explore their networking options and skills. This helps in career development, improves a person’s interpersonal skills, and boosts confidence.

Overall, the above methods of finding employment will assist international students in finding suitable jobs in all fields and industries.

For international students, due to work restrictions on their visa, it is advised that the work limitation criterion is mentioned to the employer at a particular stage of the application process to promote transparency.

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