Things to pack for studying in AUSTRALIA

Things to pack for studying in AUSTRALIA

  • Aditee Neupane
  • 10 Feb,2021
Aditee Neupane10 Feb,2021

Packing can be such a hassle because there’s so much you wanna take with yourself to Australia but there are limited space and so many restrictions at the airport. Hence, you need to be sensible in packing your items. You need to ensure that you have all the basic items you need to cover at least six months of your initial stay in Australia. You may also want to double-check everything so that you don't leave anything valuable behind.

Before you start packing, you should be well aware of what the luggage limit is and items that are restricted at the airport, in Nepal as well as in Australia. It is also recommended that you check the weather of the place you’re travelling to since it would be pointless carrying unnecessary items of clothing and heavying up the luggage.

When it comes to packing, you know the drill; basics come first, then you move to the less important things to include in your list. Here’s a checklist you might wanna take a look at for your convenience.

Appropriate clothing

Make sure to check the weather of the place you’ll be travelling to so that you can pack clothing that is actually necessary upon your arrival. Summer clothing items are easy to pack and don’t take up much space so you can definitely carry some light and comfy casual dresses, tees, shirts and jeans. Also, don’t forget to include some cardigans and jackets to get you through the chillier months. Don’t bother carrying too many heavy winter clothing since it is wiser to purchase them in Australia (and because of all the struggle you will have to go through while packing them). For formal events, it’s better that you pack at least one formal attire and something traditional for social gatherings. While in Australia, you’ll certainly be hitting the beach, so it’s a good idea to carry some swimsuits with you or whatever you feel comfortable in.

Variety of shoes

You know they say good shoes take you to good places, so it’s important that you have the right pair with you. It is recommended that you carry some sneakers, formal shoes and flip-flops, known as ‘thongs’ in Australia. These shoes will help you easily get through day to day life, formal occasions and beach/pool parties. You can save some of your fancier shoes for special occasions because shoes matter as much as your clothes do. So don’t limit yourself to only one kind of shoes, bring a few different styles of shoes and you’ll be good to go!

Power adapter

If you’re planning to bring your electronic devices like your laptop, grooming devices etc to Australia, it’s important you know that the electrical outlets in Australia differ from what we’re used to in our home country. So you’ll definitely need to get yourself a power adapter which will enable you to plug all your devices in the power outlet. You can easily get these outlet adapters online or from electronics stores.


While travelling abroad, you need to pay special attention to some important documents and keep it handy so that these are easily accessible when asked by authorities. You’ll need to carry your passport, visa, COEs, copy of NOC, Student’s ID, driver’s license, OSHC receipt, plane ticket and any other forms of identifications. It’s a good idea to keep them stored digitally and also get some hard copies to keep with you for convenience.


Australia is a traveller’s paradise, so you’ll certainly want to keep some part of your travel memories captured with you. From beautiful beaches, sunsets, aboriginal tribes to some exotic wildlife, there’s so much to experience in your Aussie trip and you definitely want to carry a good camera with you. There are a variety of digital camera options available and it depends on your budget and preference like simple-to-use digital cameras, GoPros and DSLRs. Take lots of pictures and share them with your loved ones and don't forget to get your charger, power adapter and power backup so you can capture even the smallest details of your journey.


It’s uncertain if you’ll find a suitable banking option as soon as you arrive in Australia, so you should have some cash in Australian dollars with you as a backup. Carry enough cash that will get you through some weeks until your account is settled in a suitable bank, around AUD 300- AUD500 in cash is recommended. Having some cash on you will make it easier to access funds when necessary


You are most likely to be spending your vacations or weekends travelling and exploring all the beautiful places in Australia since the country has so much to offer. So, it is advised to carry a backpack large enough to fit all your necessary travel items which will be more convenient than carrying a bulky suitcase everywhere you go.

Also, cosmetics and toiletries are known to be quite expensive in Australia so pack all your necessary cosmetic items and as many toiletries as you can but within the luggage limit, so that you won’t have to splurge money on the expensive stuff.

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