Accommodation in Germany

Accommodation in Germany

  • Aditee Neupane
  • 09 Mar,2021
Aditee Neupane09 Mar,2021

Even though Germany is considered to be an affordable country to live and study, finding a suitable, safe, and reliable place to live, working within your budget can be quite difficult as renting cost here is the largest in comparison to other expenses.

On-campus accommodation

The student-hall residence is one of the most preferred and reasonable accommodations available for students in Germany. International students prefer these halls not only because it helps to lower their expenses, but also to live close to their university and socialize with fellow teachers and other students. An average room in a student residence hall costs you around 250 Euros a month.

In order to get a room in a residence hall, you will be required to send an application immediately after receiving your admission letter from your chosen university to the Student Services Organization. This organization is responsible for processing all the applications and operates the residence hall services. The rooms provided in the residence hall might be different from each other depending on the union assigned to operate those halls of residence. If you are to secure a room, it is advised to apply as early as possible since there is an increased demand for on campus accommodations. Living in a student residence hall also comes along with various rules and requirements which need to be followed by the students living there.

Private renting

Since it isn’t always easy finding a room in student residence halls,many students alternatively prefer renting a private room or a shared apartment. Private accommodations are not as cheap as student halls rent prices are higher in bigger or popular cities than in the outermost areas of the cities. In order to rent a private room, you are required to pay a three months deposit in advance as a security deposit to the owner. Renting a private place would mean that you would need to look for it on your own - you can find it on some websites, local newspaper ads and some universities also post advertisements. You need to pay around 300-400 Euros a month for either a single room sharing accommodation where you pay the rent along with other utilities.

You do not need to worry even if you have not found a place to live when you arrive in Germany, because student communities and student services also provide a facility to stay for a limited time period. And of course, you can always stay in a hotel or a guest house until you find a suitable place that fits your needs and budget.

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