Accommodation in India

Accommodation in India

  • Aditee Neupane
  • 08 Mar,2021
Aditee Neupane08 Mar,2021

Living in India is considered very affordable for students compared to other countries because it offers cheap accommodation, food, and other essentials. As per calculations and student experiences, you can comfortably live as a student with as little as USD$160-$200 for a month and this includes accommodation, food, and other expenses. Since there are a lot of housing options available for students, let us learn more in detail about them.

On-campus accommodation

Large universities in India usually offer accommodation to students within the campus in shared rooms and the costs are included in the tuition fees. It is a safe and economical way of living as a student and interacting with as many people. Two or more students share a room and meals are offered by the college. These hostels are close to the university or inside the premises, and thus saves you a lot of time. All the facilities like laundry, Wifi, parking, etc are provided.

Private renting

If you wish to live independently, you can rent an apartment that can cost anywhere around 10,000-15,000 Indian rupees per month and the prices can be higher based on the room standards and facilities. Make sure to check and compare prices before moving in. Moving in with your friends is a great way to split the bills and live safely in a rented space. Also, flats with close proximity to the campus will save you money and time to travel. Here you can cook your own meals and manage everything else on your own.

Paying guest

You will be provided with fully-furnished, ready-to-move-in rooms, so all you have to do is bring your luggage and start living. Your agent will arrange a room for you and these PGs can be single or shared. You can choose from a range of options that best fits your budget and lifestyle. They provide laundry rooms, cooking area, Wifi and a common area to chill after a hectic day. Meals are optional and it usually costs around 8,000-10,000 Indian rupees to stay as a paying guest with meals included. This is another popular option for students.


Hostels are quite popular and preferred by many students since they are located near universities and are close to metro stations, bus stations, railway stations, and cab services. Rooms are offered to students on a single or shared basis and are mostly self-catered. It is a pocket-friendly option and also a safe option for students since there are mostly students living around the area. Laundry rooms, kitchen areas, wifi facilities, power backup and parking area is provided so these spaces are well-equipped with facilities. It can cost you around 5,000 to 10,000 Indian rupees

Make sure you compare features and prices before moving in so that you can have all the basic facilities, power backup, and a reliable security system in your living space and enjoy your student life.

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