Accommodation in Ireland

Accommodation in Ireland

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  • 09 Dec,2020
Study Info Centre09 Dec,2020

Choosing the right accommodation is as important as picking the right course. You’ll have to think about the cost, location, and facilities available within the accommodation. College students have a broad choice when it comes to accommodation. Some students prefer on-campus accommodation, some choose to live independently and some choose to stay with a host family. Most colleges have an Accommodation Office which is a successful first point of call for overseas students to find suitable accommodation.

On-campus Accommodation

Universities offer accommodation in student residence halls, which usually costs above the European average of 350 - 600 EUR. It is often difficult to find such accommodation as the number of places is limited, and the demand is high. Generally, apartments of 4 to 8 students, with a private bedroom and shared kitchen, dining room, and bathroom are available. For most of the on-campus accommodations, you have to pay one month in advance and as it is always in demand they tend to be costly.


Homestays are mostly available in the suburbs. Meals are provided as a full or half-board basis according to your preference. You will also have access to laundry. You can arrange long and short-term homestay accommodation for you. For a day such homestays will cost you around EUR24 to EUR 25, including meals. Living in homestays is a great way to interact with the people, blend in with the new environment, and learn more about the culture and lifestyle of Ireland.

Private Student Residences

Different private student residences are available in the city that provides student-specific facilities and services, fully furnished self-catering houses or flats, with a range of single and often double bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and a living and kitchen area. The bedrooms are fully equipped with free Internet access.

Rent or Share Apartments

Students who prefer living on their own usually rent an apartment on their own or share it with a roommate. If you share your apartment with other students or tenants, the rental expenses will be much less individually as you can split the expenses. In urban areas, the average rent for a two-room apartment is around EUR 1000-1200 per month, and EUR 800-900 in suburban areas. You will have to pay power bills and other maintenance costs along with the rent.

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