Living cost in Nepal

Living cost in Nepal

Aditee Neupane08 Mar,2021

Living cost in Nepal

Known for its beauty, diverse culture, and welcoming environment, Nepal is a developing country where the cost of living is comparatively lower than in other developed countries. Costs for locals and foreigners may have a huge difference here. For any student planning to study abroad, having enough knowledge about the living cost before moving to the country is important so that they can figure out whether or not they can afford to live and study in the new country. The tuition fees in Nepal can range from 1000 USD per year to 8000 USD depending on the university and study program you choose. 


Accommodation is a big concern when it comes to moving into a new country. Accommodations here are comparatively cheaper than in other countries. As a student, you can either opt for on-campus accommodation as many colleges have dorms or hostels facilities or choose to rent a room or share an apartment or flat with a roommate which may cost you around 92 to 200 USD per month. On-campus accommodation in public colleges amounts to 2800 USD per academic year and 7000 USD per academic year in private colleges. The cost of accommodation also depends on where you live, central areas of the cities are costlier than the peripheral areas. 


Your expenses on food depend on your food habits and preferences. A simple basic meal in Nepal will cost you around 2 USD. But if you want to control your food expenses you can learn to cook and prepare your own meals which will cost you around 5 to 12 USD for three meals a day. 

Travel expenses

For students living on-campus or near the campus it is very convenient and faster. Students who live a little far from their campus can opt to travel by local transport or taxi. Monthly transport passes may cost you 8 to 10 USD per month. 


Student life can be quite hectic, you will need some refreshments and leisure time from time to time which includes watching movies, traveling, and entertainment, where you can expect to spend around 3 to 10 USD. A good pair of jeans and a midrange pair of shoes will cost you 19 to 45 USD. For other basic utilities such as electricity, cooling heating water, garbage disposal you will have to spend 24 USD per month. 

These rough figures will help you in estimating how much you will need to cover all your expenses while studying in Nepal. If you take your time and choose wisely you can control and spend within your budget. 

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