Accommodation in New Zealand

Accommodation in New Zealand

  • Aditee Neupane
  • 08 Mar,2021
Aditee Neupane08 Mar,2021

With proper guidance and assistance, students can find the perfect place for them to stay in New Zealand. Below we have some detailed information about the variety of safe and reliable accommodation options that New Zealand offers to its international students.

On-campus accommodation

This is the most popular and preferable option for students, especially during their initial years. With an option to choose from fully furnished single and shared rooms, students can fully utilise the traditional halls of residence too. Living near campus is extremely convenient, considering the travel expenses and time that gets used up for your regular university/college visits. These hostels are well equipped with necessary facilities and student meals are inclusive of the accommodation costs. You can also consider it aa a great way to socialize with friends and engage in social activities. This popular facility costs around NZ$100-700 and varies as per your chosen education provider.


Here, you will be living with a family in New Zealand where you will be equipped with a well-furnished room and other facilities expected for a student. Meals are provided in the homestay itself or you also have an opportunity to cook your own meals. It allows you to familiarise with the lifestyle and culture, improve language skills, and also develop good relationships. Homestays in New Zealand cost around NZ$110 to NZ$370 on a weekly basis and this price inclusive of meals, laundry, cleaning, and utilities. It is a highly preferred temporary accommodation option.

Private renting

If you prefer to live independently, private rentals would be a great option. However, renting a space alone can be pretty expensive, it is always a better option to gather a group of friends and move in so that you can split the bills and pay a relatively cheaper price. You can cook your own meals and you have the benefit of having your privacy and independence. The costs per person can be anywhere from NZ$200-$350 a week and costs also depend on your location and facilities provided.


Hostels are mostly located near the campus and are one of the convenient options for students. It’s a popular option and you can easily get yourself into one of these through agents. They have shared or private rooms which are furnished and well equipped with facilities like internet, parking area, and laundry room. A single room can cost around NZ$150-250 per week and the amount is half for shared rooms. People around you are mostly students so you’ll get a friendly environment to live and socialize.

When considering these options, always choose the one that best suits your personality, budget and lifestyle.

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