Living Cost in New Zealand

Living Cost in New Zealand

  • Aditee Neupane
  • 07 Mar,2021
Aditee Neupane07 Mar,2021

Situated in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a beautiful country that offers quality education and an affordable cost of living. If students plan and organize their budget wisely, it will help them save money for recreational activities apart from studying and living expenses. Let’s take a look at some of the basic expenses so that you are well informed about the costs and learn about them in detail.


Finding a safe, reliable and cheap place to stay is always a major concern for students. New Zealand offers a variety of options for students so it won’t be a problem finding good accommodation. Staying on-campus in residence halls is the most preferable option for students during the initial years and it costs around NZ$200-$250 per week. Homestays are also available and it's a great way to familiarise with the new culture. The costs usually include meals and can range from NZ$180-$240. Shared housing can be the cheapest option since you can spill bills with your group and pay around NZ$120-$230 a week. On average, you’ll be seeing yourself spend around NZ$800-$950 a month on accommodation.

Travel expenses

Cities in New Zealand have affordable public transport systems with buses, trains and ferries. The most common form of transport is public buses and the bus fares are cheap. They also have special discounts for students so get your passes as they can greatly reduce travel costs. The transport facilities are quite reliable. Roughly, traveling expenses can be around NZ$120 to $250 per month depending on the distance between university and where you live.


If you are someone who loves to eat out and does a lot of grocery shopping, you need to maintain a budget and spend within limits because sometimes it gets out of control. Stock up on goods that you actually need and save yourself some money. A cup of coffee can cost NZ$3-$5, milk NZ$3 per liter and eating out can be a bit expensive. So, it’s a great idea to make your own food. On groceries, you can expect to spend around NZ$100-$150 in a week and this again depends on your spending habits and lifestyle.


Your student life demands some relaxation and refreshment and for that, there are stunning beaches, forests and countryside to explore. Art and music festivals are either free or cheap so it’s a great way to spend quality time. Make sure you keep some money aside for entertainment purposes like partying or going to the movies. You can see yourself spend around NZ$50 on entertainment and don’t forget to look around for free access and students’ special discounts.


These are additional costs which include purchasing study materials, health services, shopping around for clothes and shoes. Internet bills are almost NZ$60 per month. You can be charged around NZ$45–$85 for a doctor’s appointment. Since these costs are subjective, it depends on how you choose to spend your budget. So, set aside some money for these costs.

These costs are subject to change and greatly depend upon your choices and lifestyle but it will guide you in estimating your budget.

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