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Through our integrated MBA curriculum combined with a variety of learning methods, you learn more than a set of management skills. You learn a new way of looking at the world, business and yourself. You broaden your perspective as you learn the cross-functional way today’s organizations work. You learn how to utilize resources and skills to solve problems. Through many concentrations and electives, it helps you deepen your expertise in the area of your professional interest. You learn to understand complex problems and solve them creatively. You will find our 66 credit hour, 32 months MBA Evening curriculum flexible enough to meet your background and career aspirations.
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Study Mode: On Campus
Study Load: Full Time
Course Category: Business & Management
Degree Level: Master
Devkota Sadak, Mid Baneshwor, Bagmati, 44600, Nepal.
Trimester I Credits Business Statistics 3 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 Management Information System 3 Trimester II Credits Emerging Concepts in Management 2 Economic Analysis for Business 3 Managerial Communication 2 Communication Skill: Practicum 1 Trimester III Credits Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 2 Data Analysis for Decision Modeling 2 Financial Management 2 Marketing Management 2 E-Commerce: Practicum 1 Trimester IV Credits Managerial Accountancy 2 OB and Leadership 2 Business Research Methodology 2 International Business 2 Business Development Plan: Graduate Seminar 1 Trimester V Credits Operations and Service Management 2 Human Resource Management 2 Concentration I 2 Concentration II 2 Trimester VI Credits Concentration III 2 Concentration IV 2 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2 Trimester VII Credits Electives I 2 Electives II 2 Internship 3 Trimester VIII Credits Business Environment Analysis 3 Strategic Management 3 Graduate Research Project 3 Corporate Governance: Graduate Seminar 1 Concentration MBA-Evening The MBA program offers you an opportunity to concentrate on areas like Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management. You can choose any area of concentration from among several career-focused courses. You are required to select and complete any four courses, equal to eight credit hours, from any one of the following concentration areas: Marketing Credits Marketing Research 2 Consumer Behavior 2 Promotions Management 2 Service Marketing Strategy 2 Global Marketing 2 Strategic Brand Management 2 Finance Credits Management of Capital Investment Decisions 2 Corporate Financing Decisions 2 Working Capital Management 2 Financial Institutions and Markets 2 Portfolio Management and Security Analysis 2 International Finance 2 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management 2 Financial Restructuring Strategy 2 Human Resource Management Credits HRD Strategies 2 Compensation Management 2 Career Development Strategies in HRM 2 Employee Relations Management 2 Performance Management 2 International HRM 2 Seminar in HRM 2 General Management Credits Organizational Development 2 International Management 2 Management Challenges in Emerging Economies 2 Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies 2 Managing for Quality Improvement 2 Knowledge Management 2 Competitive Strategy 2 Seminar in General Management 2 Management Science and Systems Credits Business Processing Re-engineering 2 Total Quality Management 2 System Analysis and Design 2 Optimization Theory 2 Decision Support System 2 Supply Chain and Global Operations 2 Database Management 2 Business Simulation 2 MBA-Evening Electives You may select elective courses to suit your background and career aspirations. You are required to successfully complete two courses, equivalent to four credits, from the following courses: Electives Credits Tourism and Hospitality Management 2 Bank Operations and Management 2 Insurance and Risk Management 2 Real Estate Management 2 Management of Technology 2 Business Tax Planning 2 Project Management 2 Multinational Management 2 Social Entrepreneurship 2 Strategies for Sustainable Management 2 Management of Service Sector Organizations 2 Productivity Perspective in Management Development 2 Rural Marketing and Agribusiness 2
Visit the official programme website  for more information.
Visit the official programme website  for more information.
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Visit the official programme website  for more information.
Visit the  official programme website   for more information.